Dreams do come true


A Landmark End

Here’s another example of something that began and something that ended. Only in this case the ending was a positive thing. It was a dream accomplished. A vision realized. A goal reached.

In this case it was something to celebrate and be happy about. And that would be a category of things ending. Things that you’re happy about ending because they represent an achievement or an accomplishment.

What I’m thinking about specifically is the bicycle trip that my daughter took across the country.

She and a friend ecided that they wanted to ride their bicycles from one coast to the other. I mean one coast of the United States to the other. They wanted to ride their bicycles from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast.

They first hatched the idea when they were sophomores in college.

I remember being a sophomore in college and having ideas like that. I specifically remember Aan idea of going with a friend and driving across the United States from California to the New England coastline.  We almost made that trip happen.

I remember now that as we were planning that trip I realized that I would be the one that would push the whole trip forward. That I would be the leader the whole time and my friend would be the follower. And I remember realizing that I did not want that sort of dynamic. I didn’t want to be the one driving the trip.

If we were going to do the trip I needed to do it with somebody that would share the weight of the responsibility. I knew with that particular friend that every single thing, every single decision, would fall to me, from finding directions to deciding where we would stay to finding food and all of that.

That would happen the entire 3000 miles across the United States. I remember just being very clear suddenly that that would be the reality of the trip and then being equally clear that I didn’t want that. So for that reason I bailed from doing that trip.

So when my daughter came up with this idea as a sophomore, I cheered her on and never thought she would do it. As the months went by she and her friend continued to plan their trip. They went through the last two years of college and were still planning on doing the trip.

They planned that they would do their trip in the fall after they had graduated from college. The idea was that they would work the whole summer after they graduated and save money for the trip and for buying whatever they needed In terms of equipment.

Amazingly, this is exactly what they did. These two young women stayed true to their goal and their dream and they actually made it happen.

They graduated from college, went to their separate towns the summer after graduation, worked all summer, got together several times during the summer to plan their trip and to do trial rides together, and actually started their trip.

Those girls took 2 1/2 months and rode their bicycles clear across the United States from Saint Augustine to Big Sur. They stayed with strangers and family and new friends and acquaintances all across the way. They camped on police property, church property, in campgrounds, and at state parks. They couch surfed and stayed with hosts who are part of an association specifically set up to give traveling bicyclists room and board along their trips.

They made that trip happen and got to Big Sur on November 19th.  They did it. That was the end of a milestone trip. It was an end to something that had a beginning.