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Chicken Lady

I’m thinking about the wider subject of things that have a beginning and things that have an end.

I was thinking about what sorts of things have beginnings and ends or don’t have beginnings and ends.

I was thinking about dreams.

Dreams are kind of funny things. You wake up and often you just vaguely remember a dream. You don’t remember the beginning or the end. But you definitely remember having a dream and you remember parts of the dream.

There are recurring dreams. But even with recurring dreams you don’t always identify a specific beginning and a specific end.

I used to have a recurring dream. I don’t have it anymore but I do remember the period of my life where I had it multiple times.

In the dream I was in the house that I lived in a lot as I was growing up. It had a hallway and a back entry way and a back porch. There were steps that led down from the back porch down to the ground level.

I remember in this dream standing in the back entryway facing the hallway. The hallway was dark and where I was standing, it was light. I remember that the doorway leading to the hallway was the place where I would see a person with a chicken head.

I didn’t see the whole person. I just saw the head like the person was laying on the floor of the hallway and sticking their head out past the doorway to look at me or something. All I could see was the head.

The weird part of this creature and my dream was that it belonged to a specific woman. I still remember her name. Rose Kenebrie. I don’t know why she was in my dream because I rarely had anything to do with her. She was loosely connected with my parents in that she did the same kind of work that they did in the same general geographic area as they worked. She was a single woman and not particularly attractive. Actually not attractive at all. Her face sort of resembled

a chicken face with a beak. I mean, It wasn’t a huge jump in a dream to see her face as a chicken face.

Anyway Rose Kenebrie was the body connected with that chicken head that was sticking out into the doorway from the dark hall.

I don’t remember being afraid of the chicken head but It was very creepy. So that’s the dream that I had a number of times as I was growing up. Rose Kenebrie with the chicken head laying in the hallway of my house and all I could see was the head sticking out past the doorway. Very weird dream. I don’t remember the end of the dream.

So that’s an example of a dream that has very memorable components of it but the beginning and the end are vague and undefined.

We all have dreams like that I’m sure. And yet we also have dreams that we know have a specific end because they wake us up suddenly we wake up in a cold sweat sitting bolt upright with our hearts pounding. Those dreams have a definite end.

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