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World Class A/C

So this is a blog about things that begin and things that end. My air conditioner is something that has come to an end. I know that’s sort of a stretch for this blog. It doesn’t really fall under the category of subjects that I’m talking about in the context of beginnings and endings but I’m thinking about it today and so I’m making it work in this article.

I’ve had my air-conditioner since I built my house 17 years ago. It’s a two-story. For some reason that I will never understand, the builder did not recommend two units for the two-story house. He just recommended a single unit and that’s what we went with.

It never did a great job of keeping up with the cooling needs of the house. However it did work and it worked for 17 years.

Over the last few years it has started to fail. Different components have been wearing out and I’ve known that it was on its last legs.

Finally the compressor went out and some other components and I knew that it was time to replace the whole thing.

So I went online and looked around at A/C companies and I also asked friends for references.

The company that I settled on is called World-class A/C.

I visited their website and I also went in person to speak with the business owner and sales rep.

I found out that they are a comprehensive air-conditioning HVAC company that does both central FL residential A/C and central FL commercial A/C. They carry and service equipment of all major A/C companies including Rheem, Trane and Del-Aire.

I also found out that they have emergency A/C service and 24 hour A/C service.

I called them to come out and look at my house and what I needed.

I was impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.

They came out and looked at my house and recommended several different units that were within my budget. Within the next several days, they were back with the unit and got the whole thing installed that day. They had to do some ductwork also but they did that efficiently.

The air conditioning units built today are so much better and more efficient than the ones manufactured when I first had my house built. These new ones don’t use as much energy and they function more efficiently.

I did get a bigger unit this time around. It doesn’t have to work as hard. It also has different sensors so that it doesn’t run all the time. Plus, I can turn it on or off or up or down remotely—through my phone. So I can turn it down on my drive home and then the house is comfortable when I arrive. Instead of having to go home to a boiling hot house and wait for it to cool down.

So if you google Air-conditioning companies near me or HVAC Companies near me or best A/C company in St. Cloud or best A/C company in Orlando or central Florida A/C company, you should come up with World-class A/C.

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